Saturday, September 20, 2008

Silver Ring Thing - Myth buster tour and 20 something event

The Silver Ring Thing returned to Victory Family Church in Cranberry Twp., PA, Friday night 9.19.08.  This was the first presentation of the 20 something event and as always, an excellent event.  [Yes, I cried many times during the testimonials and laughed at the videos.]  The SRT team did an amazing job presenting the facts about sex outside the marriage covenant and the value of waiting until marriage before having sex.  However, they also emphasized it is not too late to 'start over'.  Today is the day to draw the line in the sand and declare before God and man to stay pure until marriage.  If you never attended a Silver Ring Thing event, it is well worth the time invested.  Click here for more information and to find an event in your area.    
Their 'normal' event is geared toward the teenage crowd but this event was designed to reach the twenty something crowd.  I talked to a few of the attendees after the event and they all stated it was a tremendous event and they would recommend it to their friends.  [Parents, I recommend this event for you to attend with your son or daughter.] 

If you have a son or daughter in the teen years, I encourage you to visit the SRT site and find an event in your area.  No event in your area!  Fill out the online form or contact their office to schedule an event.

The event is a multimedia event that will get YOUR attention!  If you attend an event and your emotions are not challenged, check your pulse!  Call 911, you might be dead!
Watch my site over the next few days for more pictures of the event!
As always, grab your camera and capture the beauty of life that God gave to each of us!

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Anonymous said...

we just had this at our church they didn't come but we watched the movie it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!