Thursday, June 10, 2010

New blog design and layout

I hope you like the change to the blog design.  I was playing with a few different looks and wanted to incorporate a three column design going into the summer.  It enables me to put a few new links on the left and hopefully make the navigation to my other items easier.

Below is an image I captured from the west end overlook.  It is an amazing area to view the city and all three rivers merging in front of the triangle.  When I shot this image, there was a line of bridal parties waiting to take their wedding pictures with the city behind them.  There is no doubt many wedding photographers use this area to take beautiful pictures with the city behind the bridal party.

This image was shot with the Nikon D300 and 70-300 VR.
Lightroom, Photoshop CS2, Topaz Adjust

Handheld and a polarizer used to cut through the heavy haze from the humidity.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer veggie smoothie recipie

You might know that I have been a “health nut” for over three decades (actually over 35 years).  Since my late teens, I have studied and researched nutrition and other health related items.  In fact, we (my wife and I) became a Certified Nutritional Health Professional (CNHP) many years ago in an effort to learn more about health related subjects.  Although we do not practice as counselors, a few tips a few times per month might be in order.

Today’s tip is my favorite veggie smoothie.  We own both the Vita-Mix and Blentec Each has advantages over the other but either machine in their own right are outstanding and I recommend you buy the one that you feel comfortable with after testing.  It comes down to a few differences.  I compared both machines on a previous post.

Summer – Veggie – Smoothie
Put the ingredients in the container in the order listed:

1-2 Roma Tomatoes
Handful of grape or cherry tomatoes
1-2 Stalks of celery
Handful of ‘baby’ carrots or 1 large carrot
3 small peppers (orange, red, and/or yellow) include the seeds
Baby spinach (as much as you can fit :-D)

Tex-Mex or South West spice to taste
1 Cup water
1 cup ice

If you want a different taste or do not like Tex Mex spices, try a vegetable bullion cube or use a spice combination that you enjoy.  I like lots of flavor but you might want to add an Italian spice.

If you are using the Blentec, use the juice setting.  If it isn’t smooth enough after blending then select smoothie after the juice cycle finishes.  Vita-Mix users, start on the slow then slowly increases to the highest speed.  Taste and share (maybe :-D).

If you want your veggie drinks to have more tomato taste then add more tomatoes, if you like more green, then add more spinach.  

For a different flavor and more kick, add a dash of hot pepper or small jalapeƱo. 

This is a tremendous drink for any meal.  This is similar to the warm you up soup version which I will share at a different date.