Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Detail shots

Many years ago I had a blog going of our 'rehab' project that we decided to take on.  (However, due to a lack of time, I didn't keep the blog current.)  Over the course of our marriage, my wife and I did a few 'rehab' projects.  Yes, the houses advertised as "TLC" or as my wife calls them.  Terrible Living Conditions.  Yes, our current house was one of them.  We bought it over five years ago from a bank and the house was in slightly run down, ok, terrible condition.  I won't go into the entire story today but through a tremendous amount of work and God's grace, the house looks nice. 

A few of these images are detail shots from our yard.  We have four acres of property and decided to make our front yard a haven for decorations.  :-D

Every year we bought trees and decorations for the yard and before we knew it, we were consumed with creating a beautiful front yard.

Each statue represented someone or something in our life.  The eagle is my favorite bird and we recently added the base for the eagle to rest on.

The little kids represent our oldest grandkids.

The marine represents our son in law and is a tribute to all those who serve this great country.  We have many other items and trees in the yard and over time, I will post them for everyone to enjoy.  Never in our wildest imagination did we believe the beauty that would develop in our front yard.

{To give this any significant meaning, prior to this project, we did very little yard work.  :-D }

As always, get out and enjoy the beauty of Life!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hotel lobby detail shots

This was taken in the lobby of the Embassy Suites in Cleveland, Ohio.  I was up very early and was walking around the hotel and noticed many items in the lobby to shoot.  Plus, I was looking for interesting places to shoot a few group photos.

In a few hours this lobby would be filled with people talking, laughing, and children running and playing.
I have been playing with a plug-in for Photoshop, Topaz Adjust and liked its effect on this scene.

The second image is the location where I shot a few group photos.  Above this very interesting structure is a wide open sky light which provided an outdoor feel.

The forth image was taken from the third floor, immediately outside my hotel room.  I used Topaz Adjust to give the scene a 'different' artistic look.  The final image is a shot of some beautiful flowers taken outside the front door of the hotel.
As always, get out and enjoy the beauty of life!