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Blendtec vs VitaMix

Blendtec vs VitaMix

What does this have to do with photography, weddings, or portraits? Very little to Nothing :-D However, if you do visit us for an engagement or portrait session, there is a chance you will get a ‘killer’ organic chocolate and banana smoothie, sweetened with Agave and a touch of Stevia. Rarely can someone drink just one glass.

Many will call me a ‘health nut’ (vs a sickness nut :-D). I have been studying and following health related items since my teens in the early 70’s. (Yes, the 1970’s.) Over three decades ago, we started using a Vita Mix and we have owned many different models. Our current model is a white VM5000 with two different containers. When I am not traveling, I ‘juice’ nearly every day and suggest to everyone that buying a VM is a great investment in their health and life.

We make smoothies, fruit drinks, soups, and many other items in our Vita Mix. Recently, I saw an ad for the Blentec and while in Costco my wife and I watched a demo. Immediately, she was sold on the Blentec. Why? Because of the programmed controls, smaller size (height and footprint), and container that does everything compared to the taller Vita Mix which does not fit under the cabinets.

We bought it immediately and started using it in place of our Vita Mix. I am sad to say but we have not used the Vita Mix since we purchased the Blentec. Is it better than the Vita Mix? Maybe, but it has many better features which will cause us to replace the Vita Mix with the Blentec.

· The shorter height is an advantage

o We can store the Blentec with container on our counter and it fits under the top cabinet. This is a tremendous advantage since we needed to store the Vita Mix under the counter and bring it out each time we use it.

· Programmed settings

o This is no big deal for me but my wife loves this feature

§ She can put the ingredients in for soup, select the soup button and walk away without watching the machine.

§ 90 Seconds later it turns off and piping hot soup is ready from fresh ingredients (veggies and spices)

o I have used the Vita Mix for so many years that I knew the exact method for making a great smoothie, soup, or salsa. However, what I like is that I can walk away and it turns off automatically without intervention from me.

· No need for a tamper

o Another feature that my wife likes

§ Another item not on the counter and not to clean

o For me, this is a nice feature but not a deal maker

· Container

o This is what sold me on it

§ The design is different and it makes a complete item better (IMHO). It has a different shape and larger opening, which makes the need for the tamper obsolete.

§ I find it much easier to pour into a cup or bowl from the rounded square edge compared to the Vita Mix.

o My wife likes the container too

§ It is much easier to clean

· Larger motor and different blades

o This is the only technical item I am comparing

§ Blentec has a 3 HP motor and the Vita Mix has a 2 HP motor

§ This appears to cause the machine to make a much smoother smoothie and hotter soup.

· Recipe book

o The Vita Mix book and on line recipes are much better. They are geared for the consumer and offer a larger variety.

· Noise level

o They are both very noisy

§ Regardless of what you read or ‘hear’ from a sales pitch, they are very noisy and when I make my breakfast smoothie, I take the machine in our basement laundry room and close the doors. Otherwise, the entire house would jump out of bed.

o I need to find or build a solution to this issue. When I arrive home late and want to make a lite warm meal in the Blentec/Vita Mix and the family is watching TV or reading, using this causes the TV to go to extreme loud :-D.

So do we plan to keep it? Yes

We bought it from Costco and it came with an extra 4-year warranty, which extends it to seven years. That combined with Costco’s very liberal return policy is a deal maker for us.

I plan to put it through the paces of daily use for the next thirty to sixty days before I sell our Vita Mix.

What is my favorite recipe?

I have a few:

  • Organic Chocolate and banana
  • Fresh veggie soup
  • Mango Banana with a few veggies and flax

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