Saturday, March 26, 2011

Riverside California Travel Photography

Glowing Lights
Earlier in the day, I photographed this shot in very low light and minimal lighting.  However, when I returned at night, the light was nearly perfect to create a fun shot.  In the dark, the beauty of the designs on the wall were lost.  However, when all the lights were on, they appeared on the wall as if by magic.

This was shot with the Nikon D300 and 35mm

The second shot is my shot from earlier in the day.  Both are very unique in their look.

HDR Hallway

Friday, March 25, 2011

Riverside California - Travel Photography

Travel Photography Riverside California
Riverside California at night

After my journey up the mountain, I was exhausted but could not pass up the beautiful lights, shapes, and color.

This is the front entrance to an old church which must be the 'home' of a homeless man.  Earlier when I was here before dark, there was a man with a long gray beard and laundry cart filled with stuff sitting on the side of the steps.

When I came back to photograph this at night, he saw me and hurried off down the alley and stopped in front of another building.  I felt bad that I was interfering with his home.  This shot was hand held with the Nikon D300.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jennifer & Andrew - Wedding Engagement @ Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh

What better way to create summer in March in Pittsburgh?  Visit the Phipps Conservatory and enjoy the beauty, warmth, and amazing color!  Jennifer, Andrew, and I visited the Conservatory to photograph their wedding engagement photos and the setting could not have been better.  We were blessed with an amazing sun that poured into the glass roof and windows of the conservatory.

Too often when photographing an engagement session in Pittsburgh, weather is a major factor.  However, the beauty of the conservatory would make even the worst weather day in Pittsburgh seem beautiful.  The color, settings, architecture, and light provided an amazing setting for an engagement portrait shoot.

Pittsburgh Wedding Photography
One of the best parts about an engagement session at the conservatory is that the couple is able to enjoy the beauty of the conservatory at the same time.

Every aspect of the conservatory brings hope of an upcoming spring and summer  to the Pittsburgh native as we finish off another harsh winter.

Please enjoy the engagement show that captures their love and smiles.

Engagement Photography Pittsburgh

Phipps Conservatory Pittsburgh Photographer

Jennifer Andrew Engagement @ Phipps in Pittsburgh from Frank Kendralla on Vimeo.

High School Senior Portraits and Weddings by dr Frank

Contact dr Frank to photograph your wedding, portraits, or special event.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Riverside California - The journey up the mountain part two

Riverside California - The journey up the mountain part two
Near the entrance I took the last picture and this shows the look a few minutes into the journey.  Both images displays the magnitude of the mountain and might explain some of the thoughts that went through my mind.  The first thought was "yea, I am going to climb that knowing I have a backpack with my camera and who knows what is on the other side".  :-D  However, the longer I stood there, the more folks I saw going up the mountain and figured if they could do it, so could I.

Riverside California

Travel Photography
The second picture is from the west side of the mountain (the first image approaches from southeast).  The view of teh other mountains and river were amazing.  I could only imagine what the first settlers thought when they came upon this mountain.  Maybe they were traveling by horse or were traveling by boat down the river.  Either way, I doubt they would ever believe hundreds of people would walk this mountain daily.  

The third image is further up the mountain from the east side looking over Riverside.  The picture does not do the view justice.  It was breathtaking (not counting the fact that how far I climbed :-D ).

Travel Photography Mountains
In the next image, notice the mom pushing her child in the stroller and how steep the incline is for the journey.
Travel Photography

The final image is my attempt to show the magnitude of the mountain from the entrance of the park.

More to follow from Riverside California. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Riverside California - Travel Photography

Riverside California

Riverside California Travel Photography
The entire town is mixed with old and new. The old is beautifully kept and in amazing condition. I walked up and down the streets visiting small shops but spent most of my time photographing the beautiful architecture. I had lunch at a small diner named simple Simmons. The black bean vegetarian soup with corn bread was good plus filling.

The Mission Inn proved to be an amazing place to visit and photograph. The structure Is in amazing condition and has been modified over the years to accommodate being a hotel. It has a spa and multiple indoor and outdoor restaurants. There is a Spanish outdoor restaurant that could take a lifetime to photograph. There is that much detail. When I was leaving the town, I noticed a flag, cross and lighthouse but could not find how to get to the top. 

The journey to the top of the mountain part one

I drove around searching for a way to get to the top of this mountain, weaving between more and more dead end streets.  However, there was one common theme; they all directed me to a line of cars along a road in a residential section of town.  Then I saw it, a well kept gate with a sign indicating an entrance to a park.  I found an open slot along the road and parked the car.  Grabbing my camera backpack and water bottle, I hurried out of the car toward the entrance.  Not knowing what to expect, I walked up a steep hill to where I saw the gate and noticed many different types of people.  Young, old, with children in strollers, runners, walkers, and people on bicycles and was amazed how many were starting up the well maintained trail.
After a few hundred feet, I realized this path wound around the mountain and took me to my hopeful destination.  Never in my wildest dream did I believe it would be so much fun to take this journey.  The view was breathtaking as the path circled around the mountain to the top.  I was able to look down on Riverside and as the path went around toward the west side of the mountain, I was able to look upon the river basin and interstate.  Keeping a quick pace (not realizing how long the walk was up this mountain), I began to tire and started to realize that when I reached the top, I needed to duplicate the trip down the mountain.
However, regardless of how I felt, I kept moving.  As stated, there were all types of folks walking and running up the mountain.  I began to ask questions to other walkers about the mountain and they told me that it is a very popular place all day long.  (I can understand why too.)  Approximately one third of the way up the mountain, I began to take side journeys over the very large rocks to explore the view from a different perspective.  Although there were no guide or guard rails and any wrong step would send me down hundreds of feet, I wasn’t scared.  It was a very different feeling.  Something that only can be felt to fully understand and words will not fully explain.

After overlooking the town for a few minutes I was back on the trail and up toward my destination.  When I was nearly half way up the mountain, the anticipation increased my energy and I began to walk faster and faster.  Passing families with their children in strollers caused me to wonder about the safety of their trip.  Since there were no guard rails along the path, one missed step and they were over the side.  This thought concerned me every time I walked by them.  In fact, I would walk toward the outside (edge) of the path rather than the inside when I passed them.  The path is wide enough for a few folks to walk side by side at the same time but it still concerned me.

Two thirds up the mountain and I realized that there are three different sections of the top.  The highest section is where the cross stands and the lowest is along the top part of the path for the lighthouse.  The flag stands alone in pure majestic beauty. 

Both the cross and the flag are on top of a section of stone that requires climbing very steep and odd shaped steps to reach the base.  However, the journey was definitely worth the effort.  I could not believe the view and lack of fear to look over the entire town.  From the top, it was possible to view all four directions.  To the east was Riverside and to the west was a beautiful sunset that was beginning to take place.  At this point, I realized that I should be exhausted since I was up since 0200 when I was getting to leave Pittsburgh for California. Then a wild thought hit me.  This is the perfect way to get 27 hours in a day.  Travel from the east coast to the west coast.  I picked up three extra hours due to the time change.  Yes!  :-D  However, I was not tired.  I felt as if I just woke from a restful sleep to find myself looking at the beauty of God all around me. 

Across the top of the mountain there were at least fifty to one hundred people at all three stations.  Some had large dogs, while others had small dogs. There were little children and folks much older than me.  I was amazed how many folks were sitting on different ledges looking out and taking in the beauty.

On the west side, there was an overlook that had a large wall around it which kept folks from falling over the ledge.  This view provided me with a tremendous opportunity for an amazing sunset that I was watching.
Not only did I climb the steps to the flag but I journeyed to the other side of the top of the mountain and climbed the stairs to the cross.  The sun was setting on it and I could only imagine the different looks it took on with each weather pattern.  Today, it stood glowing in the beautiful sunset. 

The first image was taken from the side of the mountain near the flag.  I could have stood there and photographed this section for hours.  However, the sun was setting and I wanted to ensure I made my way down the mountain before it was too dark since I didn’t have a flash light and wasn’t sure how dark the path was at night.

More in part two 
The view was breathtaking!

 The second photo was taken from near the cross. Tamron 17-50 on the Nikon D300. 
Riverside California Top of Mountain