Sunday, December 4, 2011

Favorite Glowing Bridal Pose - Pittsburgh Wedding Photography - Angel Pose Part 2

Unique Bridal Portrait
Utilizing the beautiful frame and the bright sun streaming in through this open door, a beautiful glowing photo of this beautiful bride was created.  As I stated in the previous post, I always look for archways, doorways, anything that can be used to frame the bride.  In this case, I had the natural light shining in through this outside facing door.  The sun was very bright and it wrapped softly around the bride.  In some cases, I need to create the light facing the bride and in situations like this one, the sun provided more than enough light to create this back-lit look.  I utilized my standard light set-up with a strobe camera left and reflector camera right.

This door faced a parking lot but since the light was so harsh, the cars were washed out and this gives the appearance of opening the doors to heaven. 

This image was taken in Beaver County, PA - Beaver Falls

I have yet to find a venue or church that didn't have an interesting location to create this shot.  The light, framing, and pose is critical to tell a story that always brings comments and creates a discussion.

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Photography by dr Frank