Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smith and Wollensky Black and White images

Photos by Frank Kendralla
Wedding and Portrait Photographer
Pittsburgh, PA

These are a few more images of the Smith and Wollensky restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. I did these in black and white to accent the lines and beautiful building design.

Images processed in Lightroom 3.x and shot with the Nikon D300 and Tamron 17-50. I used a polarizer to enhance the sky and water.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Photographing "new borns" is so much fun because all they want to do is sleep.  This enables the photographer the opportunity to be creative.  When I photographed Noah, there were many images that I really liked but a few stood out as my favorites.  These two images were my favorites.

Photograph by Frank Kendralla
Wedding and Portrait photographer
Based in Beaver County, PA 
North of Pittsburgh, PA

A few points to keep in mind when photographing a new born.

  1. Keep the room warm
  2. Ensure the baby's belly is full
  3. Photograph within the first 10-14 days
  4. Be very gentle 
  5. Envision the image as a black and white (if shooting digital and in color)
I carry with me various sizes of black fabric.  One sheet I place behind the child, typically on the side of the crib.  I like to photograph the child in their room since it is usually easier to keep it warm compared to a large living room.  Although it is easier to lay on the floor in the living room compared to a smaller baby room.

Another tip to remember is never shoot use the flash directly on the baby.  Excluding all the safety reasons, the light is too harsh.  I bounce the light off a nearby wall and use a reflector on the opposite side of the baby.  If the room has plenty of natural light then there is no need to use the flash.  However, many times the rooms have dark blinds which makes it very difficult to utilize natural light.

Be creative but gentle with the baby.

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