Saturday, August 8, 2009

What is the price of a picture?

What is the value of a picture? Thirteen cents paid to print a 4x6 at Costco? $1 paid for a larger print? $1000 paid to the photographer that shoots your family portraits? $1500 - $25k for wedding photography packages? What is the value? I believe there are certain pictures that are priceless. Consider the value of the only images of your child or your favorite pet. The pictures you find of your grandparents wedding in a box in the attic are priceless. What is the value of the images of your loved one that passed away or the funny pictures of your friends in leisure suits?

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What is the value of childhood memories captured in a photo?

Recently, I finished portraits sessions of married couples ranging from 16 years of marriage to 67 years of marriage. One of the saddest truths learned in this project is the fact that most couples never get any portraits done after their wedding as a couple.

I hope this post is not depressing. My intent is to challenge you to get out and capture the beauty of life! Those pictures your photographer captures has a value that many times only you can realize. When your special day is captured and documented - your album is more than just a collection of pictures. It is a timeless piece of history for you to pass on to your family. Who knows who will pick up your album, twenty, thirty, fifty, or more years from now and smile, knowing that they have a piece of their history in their hands.

Please do not ever underestimate the value of photographing that special day in your life!