Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lens pen

This is one rose from an arraignment of flowers I bought my wife for Valentines day.  We were engaged on Valentines Day 31 years ago.  Maybe we should get married.  :-)  Ok... we were married later the same year in October.

I played with the image in Lightroom to create a different look.

It was shot with the 50mm lens with 3 close up filters attached.  f/1.8 @ 1/45 - ISO 500

Handy gadget tip:  Lens Pen:

If you do not own a lens pen, I suggest you purchace one.  It has a brush on the one end and a dry cleaning pad on the other side.  It does an amazing job cleaning your lens and brushing loose dirt from your lens or camera.  I use the 'original' lens pen but many manufacturers sell them now.  They can be purchased from Amazon for less than $10.  I recommend keeping one in each bag.  LensPEN Lens Cleaning System