Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun with sunsets

Sunsets bring an amazing palette of colors. Although the colors are amazing by themselves, I like to try and capture a subject within the sunset/sunrise to magnify the sun.

In this example I wanted to create a silhouette and the sky was displaying an amazing backdrop.

The easiest way to capture a silhouette is to switch to manual mode in your camera and meter the exposure off the sky. Attempt to pick a section of the sky where the sun is not 'shining', e.g. a cloud. In the case of this photo, I did not have a cloud use and experimented with the exposure. The greatest challenge is to keep your subject 'entertained' while you experiment. :-)

Both images were shot at f/18, 1/250 sec, ISO 200.

I shot with 1/250 of a second to freeze any motion from my subject and used f/18 to reduce the amount of light coming into the camera.

If your subject continues to move then you might need to adjust your shutter speed to 1/500 or faster.

In the second image I wanted to capture the sun coming through the handle bars to create a different look. Again, keeping the subject interested in my experiment was more of a challenge than the photo itself.

For both images, I was on the ground shooting up. Experiment with getting more of the sky in the photo which reduces the amount of 'black' in the photo.

As always, get out and capture the beauty of life!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Victory Family Church - Testimony of God's goodness!

Please take the time to view both videos. As you listen to the words of the beautiful singer [my daughter] and the beautiful testimonies presented via the 'cardboard' cards please understand the testimonies are a result of the Goodness of God. When I photographed it over the weekend, I cried and cried [with joy]. These cards represent the truth that God changes lives [for the better].

God is Great!

Video one

Video part two!

God will heal broken people's lives!