Monday, May 10, 2010

Nessa & Drew Wedding Engagement Pittsburgh, PA

Nessa and Drew were engaged near the Gateway Clipper in Pittsburgh, PA.  The images in this show are a reenactment of the original day that Drew proposed to Nessa. On the original day, Nessa was surprised but obviously accepted his proposal.

During this reenactment of their original engagement date, we walked along Station Square in the South Side of Pittsburgh, PA photographing along the way to document their beautiful day.  The weather was perfect during the evening and into the night.  After we grabbed a few fun shots behind the Grand Concourse, we moved our way along the river to a remnant of the industrial days in Pittsburgh.  We stopped at a flower stand along the walkway in Station Square and headed to the incline leading to Mt. Washington.  Mt. Washington presents an amazing view of the beautiful city of Pittsburgh and provides thousands of photography related opportunities.  While walking through the streets of Mt. Washington, we found a small but inviting set of shops which included an ice cream shop.  Nearby was an colorful mural of houses and trees on the wall of an old building and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to play and grab some fun shots.  Enjoy the slideshow to some romantic music.  Later in the week I will post a few still images of the engagement shoot which covered a beautiful section of Pittsburgh, PA.

Nessa and Drew - Pittsburgh - Engagement from Frank Kendralla on Vimeo.


Sandy said...

Great pictures of this couple, and a really slick video presentation!

Unknown said...

Thank you!

The images on your site are beautiful! I love the image with the rings in the flowers.