Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pittsburgh Engagement Photography - will you marry me?

The question is asked, "Will you marry me?"  Tears flow and the guy has a tough time speaking.  Maybe a few hours or days before, he met with his future bride's dad.  Do her parents like me, will they accept my request to marry their daughter?  He was scared, what if I am turned down, what if she laughs, what if she says yes?  So many questions and thoughts flow through the young man's mind as he walks with his future bride to a quiet place to 'pop' the question. 

Then they are at the perfect place, a place where he thought about many times before.  The young man gets down on one knee and - "will you marry me?"

She shouts with passion and love in her voice, "yes, I will marry you!"  And a new entry in the notebook of love and romance is written.  Reminding me of the great movie, "The Notebook". 

Images taken during an engagement shoot are one way to recapture that special day when the groom to be, asked the love of his life, "will you marry me".  Andrew and Vanessa were engaged on the walkway to the Gateway Clipper in Pittsburgh, Pa.  Yesterday's post provided a few more details of the engagement session as we walked through the streets of Station Square and rode the incline to Mount Washington. 

Engagement images by Frank Kendralla
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