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Tilley Winter Hat - Photographer and Travelers dream

Tilley Winter Hat

Winter clothes with style
Over a few winters, I kept eying up this hat.  I first saw the 'summer' version at an airshow a few years ago.  I saw this great stylish looking lightweight hat on a photographer and asked him about it.  He proudly stated it was a Canadian made Tilley hat.  He was a Canadian photographer visiting Pittsburgh and was photographing Wings over Pittsburgh with his dad.  I started to investigate the hats and every time I decided to purchase the hat, I said no for one reason.  The price - ranging from $80 - 100 caused some concern and combined with the fact that I couldn't find one locally, I kept hesitating on purchasing one.  

In late 2010 and winter fast approaching, I decided to order the Tilley winter hat (not the same hat that the Canadian photographer wore).  I measured my head per the instructions on their site and then the next decision.  Gray and black or all black.  I decided on gray and black and waited for my order to arrive.  I opened the box with tremendous anticipation and immediately tried it on.  I looked in the mirror and could not believe how stylish the hat looked.  Especially comparing the look to my normal winter look.  Beanie and/or a ball cap.  Neither were stylish and I was very tired of the beanie look.  Not only was this hat stylish but it was comfortable and very warm.  

Over the past few months, I wore the hat in many different conditions and never leave home without it.  I have wore it in sub zero temperatures to 60 degrees while in Mexico City (January 2011).  The hat has ear flaps and in conditions over 30 degrees, they are warm enough.  However, since most of our winter was below 30, I needed something to keep my ears warm.  I added black ear muffs and my winter outfit was complete (at least for my head).

The hat is warm but not too hot.  It is water resistant causing rain and snow to repel from it.  If you wear glasses, then you understand how happy keeping snow off glasses makes me.  It has a band on it that keeps the hat on your head in strong winds and the ear flaps also cover the forehead if desired. 

The hat comes with a tremendous guarantee and warranty.  

Expect a wide range of comments concerning the hat.  They range from how stylish it looks to hey Indiana Jones, to 'whats next, a stove top hat'.  Regardless of the comments, I 'love' the hat and ordered a light weight version for spring.  

I highly recommend the hat and will report on my other hat after I wear it for a few months.  

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