Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photograph what you love – wedding photography part seven

Photo by 
Frank Kendralla

So why am I so passionate about weddings and wedding photography and more important, why should you hire me to be a part of your wedding (as the wedding photographer)?

First, I approach each wedding in the same manner that I would want other professionals to approach a wedding that involved my family. I do everything possible to treat each bride and groom with the same care and attention as if they were my own. With two beautiful grown daughters, three grandchildren, and a very supportive wife of over three decades, I understand the importance of family. I do whatever is within my power to treat each bride with as much kindness and respect that I would want for my daughters and granddaughter. No unflattering poses or images are intentionally shot nor are they displayed for viewing. Every portrait or close up picture receives additional attention to ensure the bride looks her best for their special day. I understand the importance of the parents of the “bride and groom” and follow this same approach with the family. I expect this same type of respect from everyone that works with me and we approach each family and guest with respect, kindness, and professionalism.

Second, I understand the amount of stress associated with a wedding. I have been on all sides of the wedding, as the groom, father of the bride, guest, and photographer. Yes, there is plenty of stress associated to a wedding and the last thing the family needs is a wedding vendor to lack professionalism or respect for the family and guests.

Third, as part of the stress with a wedding, many families are faced with completing tasks or duties that are out of their normal day to day activities. For example, very few folks design and print wedding programs every day/week. Yes, there are many applications and online help tools to create nice wedding programs but not everyone works with this software or similar daily. This brings me to an example of what over twenty years experience with design and other related tools can do to assist the bride and groom. Typically, I stay in touch with each bride and groom, especially as we get closer to the wedding date. I ask if the couple needs any assistance with any task associated to the wedding. (Yes, items that are not photography related.) It was within a week of a wedding and I called the bride to ask if there is anything she needed help completing prior to the wedding. A short answer, YES. :-D She was struggling with the wedding programs and was concerned that she would not get them done before the wedding. I told her not to worry and send me the information for the programs. I completed the programs and sent her via email a few samples to view. The couple and family were thrilled with the design. Later, I sent the files off to print and delivered them to the family prior to the wedding. Another stress item eliminated from the bride’s plate.

Finally, as I stated earlier, my goal is to treat the bride, groom, family, and everyone associated to the wedding with as much care and respect as if it were my family’s wedding day.


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