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Photograph what you love – wedding photography part four

Photograph what you love
Wedding photography part four
Photo by Frank Kendralla -

Each ceremony brings a new twist on the special subject of marriage given by the minister, preacher, or officiate. Some sermons make you laugh and cry as the minister reveals special insights from the couple’s lives while other sermons causes the attendees to shout for joy when the message is over. Some couples enjoy a very short and sweet ceremony while others want much more. However, some sermons stick out in my mind much more than others. Why? Because the minister provided a true insight into the marriage covenant and challenges every couple faces in their lives. This is another reason I love photographing weddings. Each ceremony I photograph, I think back to the vows I made to my bride over three decades ago. “I give you my love and fidelity!” Do I remember anything else said during the ceremony when we were married? No, I do remember that I was so nervous that I stuttered throughout my brief response.

Throughout the entire day, my mind is drawing a storyboard of the day. From the early morning when the bride and other ladies are getting ready to the last dance at the reception and everything in between. My mind is building a storybook to put together for the couple in their wedding album. Every detail is important as we photograph the couple’s very special day. Photos of the rings, flowers, special medals, etc. are all important to the couple. The image of the pin that was handed down for many generations of ladies to the picture of the cake cutting utensils sent to the couple from a different country. Each item is critical to tell the story and capture the beautiful memories of the wedding day.

A fun part that I enjoy photographing is when the ladies are pampered while getting their hair done and makeup on. Some ladies elect to have their makeup done by a makeup artist at Macy’s while other elect to have a family member do the makeup. Many will visit a local hair salon for an ‘updo’ while others do their hair by themselves. Every time I watch the ladies hustle about, I remember my youngest daughter’s wedding day. We visited her at her apartment prior to the wedding and she was a calm and collect as I ever saw. In fact, she was so calm, she did the hair of all her bridesmaids and her mom too. Wow! I stood their in awe as I watched and of course, I cried while her bridesmaids chuckled. I was thinking, what happened to me, what a softy I became. Or is it that I was enjoying the fruit of our labor of love?

Some ladies love to get makeup on them and get their hair done while others would rather put a ball cap on and walk down the aisle in sneakers and sweat pants. It is amazing to watch each bride and bridesmaids get ready for this special day. While the ladies are getting ready, I hear the laughter and chatter that take place when the ladies talk about the time when they were little girls dreaming of this day. The ladies talk about their tea parties, and how they dressed up their dolls as they prepared their dolls for their wedding day. Every one of these items are some of the many reasons why I love photographing weddings.

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