Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Riverside California - The journey up the mountain part two

Riverside California - The journey up the mountain part two
Near the entrance I took the last picture and this shows the look a few minutes into the journey.  Both images displays the magnitude of the mountain and might explain some of the thoughts that went through my mind.  The first thought was "yea, I am going to climb that knowing I have a backpack with my camera and who knows what is on the other side".  :-D  However, the longer I stood there, the more folks I saw going up the mountain and figured if they could do it, so could I.

Riverside California

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The second picture is from the west side of the mountain (the first image approaches from southeast).  The view of teh other mountains and river were amazing.  I could only imagine what the first settlers thought when they came upon this mountain.  Maybe they were traveling by horse or were traveling by boat down the river.  Either way, I doubt they would ever believe hundreds of people would walk this mountain daily.  

The third image is further up the mountain from the east side looking over Riverside.  The picture does not do the view justice.  It was breathtaking (not counting the fact that how far I climbed :-D ).

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In the next image, notice the mom pushing her child in the stroller and how steep the incline is for the journey.
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The final image is my attempt to show the magnitude of the mountain from the entrance of the park.

More to follow from Riverside California. 

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