Friday, May 27, 2011

Wedding Engagement Images - Capturing Fun Moments - Buttermilk Falls

One item that I always attempt to get are a few fun shots of the groom to be.  Too often guys are left out of the photography for one reason or another.  However, one thing that I learned over the years is that it is always a good thing to grab a few shots of the guys.  Too often portrait shots of guys do not appear masculine.  One thing that I attempt to do is to create a masculine look with the guy photographs.

When Steve pulled up on his Harley for the engagement session, my mind started to race.  What fun images can we capture that will tell who he represents and would be a great addition to their guest album.

Harley Davidson, Engagement Portrait
The main light was an SUV parked to camera left.  The headlights on the vehicle lit his face and part of the left side and a remote light behind him created separation from the background.

The next image is another favorite from the engagement shoot. I really like the circles of light and the overall glow of the image.

Harley Davidson Portrait Buttermilk Falls
Wedding Engagement Portrait Beaver County

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