Monday, December 27, 2010

Living on the Edge Peter J. Daniels - Autobiography discussion - Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

First - This is not a review of the book.  How do you review an autobiography of one of the most influential, giving Christian businessman of modern days?  Until a few months ago, I never heard of Peter J. Daniels.  Then my wife and I began reading his books and attended a workshop he conducted in a nearby town.  One of the most amazing things that I want to state from the workshop is that it was entirely free and on his dime.  Many might think, no big deal, except for the fact that he flew in from Australia and he has done this for years.  This plus the fact is that he in his late seventies.

Peter J. Daniels is a multi-billionaire and was not raised in riches.  He was raised in poverty, 'graduated' high school as an illiterate, and was told that he would amount to nothing by a school teacher.

It has been stated by those that observe him that "he could motivate an Egyptian mummy to walk".  He has an amazing business mind and to paraphrase him; "Our businesses do not sell junk to kids that rot their minds or teeth.".  He has many goals in his life and one of them is to give more money to the work of the Lord than anyone else.  Known as a genius for creating business formulas that not only solve difficult problems but are in terms that most will understand.

During one of his lectures, I remember him stating that he was not hindered by going to university.   I highly recommend not only this book but every book that he wrote.

Below is one part of a lecture.

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