Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finding Vivian Maier - Street Photographer - Pittsburgh Wedding Photography

Many will recognize the name of Cartier Bresson as a street photographer but very few will recognize the name of Vivian Maier.  Until recently, her amazing collection of over 100k images were not seen publicly. In this amazing story of how she captured over 100k images in Chicago and around the world as an unknown street photographer is amazing.

A link to this information was sent to me by a friend and since reading the behind the scene story and admiring Vivian's work, I felt I must pass on this information.  It appears that Vivian accomplished what many photographers aspire to achieve.  "Capturing life as it happens."  There are some street photographers that talk to their subject prior to the photograph and others capture the photograph with little to no interaction.

This is not a story about her gear (although there is some discussion); it is a story of a woman who was an outstanding street photographer.

The sad part about this story is that Vivian died before her work was on public display and unfortunately never was able to participate in its public showing. There is a blog dedicated to her work which is linked on the side of this blog.  In addition, there is a documentary being made about her work and life.  Vivian was a nanny as her day job but it is apparent she was passionate about photography and capturing life as it unfolds.

Please take the time to review the video below as well as visit the blog which contains more images from her collection.

This link will take you to a good article on her too.

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