Thursday, April 8, 2010

The beauty of Black and White Portraits

Photo by Frank Kendralla
Wedding and Portrait Photographer

There is something magical about a black and white image. Maybe because a black and white image is down to the subtle and bold lines and shapes. A color image screams reality, a black and white image quietly states, 'fine art'.

I am not sure why but I love to experiment with black and white images. There are some images that scream, shoot me in color but there are others that can only be shot in black and white.

This is one of those images that looks best when printed on metallic paper. There are many different papers for printing photographs to for an amazing look. One of my favorites is metallic paper. Images printed on metallic paper almost appear dimensional. Although there is an extra cost associated to printing on metallic, in my humble opinion, it is worth it.

Metallic paper is normally limited to pro labs. One of the labs I use is Bay Photo via The next time you order prints, ask for metallic and let me know if you enjoy the look.

This was the last image shot after photographing some very fun shots and was more of a grab shot than anything else. However, I loved the look of both mom and son in this image.

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