Monday, December 29, 2008

The year in review 2008 photos plus

As I stated in my post yesterday, I had the privilege of shooting a 50th anniversary celebration given to the couple by their family this past weekend. The first image today is when the 'bride' [from 50 years ago] saw her granddaughter dressed in the same dress she wore 50 years ago.

[both of the images were shot with the Tamron 17-50 mm f/2.8 and the scene was lit with the Nikon SB800 and the Gary Fong Lightsphere II as the light modifier.]

I stumbled on this list of images from a different site. Every image depicts emotion in some manner. The main reason I put this information on this blog is to assist you in finding new pictures to look at. What causes you to look at the image? Why is it intriguing? Would you have shot it in a different manner?

Wherever I go, I look at pictures. If you are walking in the mall, take time to look at the pictures in each store. Notice how they photographer lit the scene and why the image is striking. Dick's sporting goods has an image in the middle of their store advertising under armor. The lighting on the athlete is amazing. If you are walking along the news stand at the grocery store, pick up a fashion magazine and notice how the studio photographer lit the model or the wedding magazine and notice how the models [brides] are lit. After you review the following images, go back through your collection of images and make a year in review for yourself. Once you look at your own images, from 08, 07, etc., can you see an improvement in your work? I took time over the past week and looked at images I took over the past seven years. The good part, I notice a big difference in my work and realize the areas that need detailed work.

2008 in Pictures, Part I

2008 in Pictures, Part II

2008 in Pictures, Part III

If you attend year end/year beginning parties this week, there is no doubt you will have your camera [I will :-) ]. Remember to capture fun pictures of the events and many years from now you can look at them and remember the year 2008. Who knows, a picture you take in 2009 might end up as a year in review picture for someone.

As always, get out and capture the beauty of life!

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