Sunday, December 28, 2008

50th wedding anniversary shoot Cider House

I had the privilege to shoot a 50th wedding anniversary over the weekend. The couple was honored by their family and friends. In between portraits and candid shots, I took a few shots of the facility which was nicely lit.

This image was shot at f/10 and 6 seconds on a tripod. I converted the image in Lightroom to give it a 'different' look. The first image is the 'after' and the second is the before.

This is the same building but from the front.

The final image is an image of a few other buildings in the area. It was a perfect night for capturing fun pictures. The weather was very nice [60+ degrees in Dec wow!]
I tried shooting this type of shot in the past without a tripod and it is very challenging. There are still many homes that are lit up for the holidays. Even if you do not have a tripod you can use a bean bag or other creative surfaces.
The best advice for capturing holiday lights is on strobist.

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