Thursday, November 6, 2008

Better use of our time and staying fit in the winter

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Consider this suggestion!

Recently, I heard a great tip with multiple ways to stay in shape when there appears to be no time. I was listening to the podcast, 'Get it done ' and he had a guest speaker on that gave a few tips on staying in shape when no time is available. I suggest listening to the entire show for all the great tips but the two that I started doing last week and plan to do all winter are:
  • Pushups every hour- Yes, those dreaded pushups from gym class are a great body toning tool and do help release some of the stress and fatigue associated to office work. The suggestion is that every hour you do 20 pushups and after the normal office day of 9 hours you will perform 180 pushups. You say, "I cannot do 20 pushups." OK, start with 10, 5, 1 per hour then each day build up to 20 or more. By the end of winter you will be fit and will have added a nice workout every day to your day without losing any time. I do mine using the 'perfect pushup' device and I get a nice workout daily.
  • Perfect Pushup - Original
  • Cardiac exercise via the steps in your office building. Multiple times per day go for a walk up and down the stairs in your office building. The office I work in has four floors and the steps are not far from my office door. The first day I did the jaunt from the second floor to the fourth floor down to the first floor and but to the second floor got my heart pounding. Each day it is getting easier but I can tell you that it is tougher climbing steps then going for a walk at the mall.
I hope this helps! As always, get out and capture the beauty of life!

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