Thursday, October 9, 2008

Safe Kids - FedEx Part II

When we arrived at the second school (Barrett Elementary in Homestead, PA) for the Safe Kids walk we were greeted with a light 'drizzle' that turned into a strong downpour. The first two images are from the second school and the third is from the first school. This young girl was so enthusiastic in helping us get cars to slow down, I could not pass up posting a shout out to her for her help! Cars would slow down immediately when they saw her standing by the rail waving to them.

Every time I participate in a Safe Kids day, it reminds me of the importance of watching for kids where ever we drive. Regardless if we are driving in a 'school zone', shopping mall's parking lot, or in a residential neighborhood, we must be alert for kids and their safety.

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Angela said...

Great journalistic shots Frank!