Thursday, October 9, 2008

Safe Kids - FedEx Johnston Elementary School

"Safe Kids USA and FedEx Team Up to Focus on Children's Views of Road Safety around the World"

I had the privilege to participate in this event at two different Pittsburgh, PA schools. The first school on our stop was Johnston Elementary School in Wilkensburg, PA.

I took the first image across the street from the main entrance to the school. Unfortunately, there are no speed bumps to slow cars down in front of the school. Although the posted speed limit is 15 MPH, most cars 'flew' past the school with kids in full view at very fast speeds.

At one point one of the volunteers yelled out for a fast moving vehicle to slow down and he stopped and started yelling at her. [Good Grief, who do some people think they are when they go above the law or when they act without any regards to others.]

What I found amazing is that so many vehicles passed through this area but many had no regard for the safety of the kids.

The second image I took in a play area near the school. The colors and lines caught my attention and I had to capture its beauty.

The final image is a shout out to all the workers who participated in Safe Kids day around the world!

When you see a kid [anywhere] please slow down!

[I plan to have a few of the pictures from the second school posted later in the week.]

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