Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A walk in Columbus, OH

Recently, I had the opportunity to walk the streets of Columbus, Ohio and 'grab' a few interesting shots of the city.  The city is a mix of beautiful historic architecture mixed with modern 'sky scrapers'.  The city even offers a replica of the Santa Maria.  The first image I took at the 'end' of my walk and all the lights were 'out' in the area.  This beautiful structure did not have any lights displaying its beauty.  I set-up an off camera strobe [SB800] and set the strobe to 28 mm to project a wider light.  If I had a second strobe with me, I would have placed it under the arch and to the back to place light on the teacher and her student. 

The shot was hand held @ f/2.8 and 1/60 second.

 The second image is a shot of the replica of the Santa Maria.  The white balance was set to a cooler temperature to create the blue cast.  What caught my attention was the details of the boat and its reflection in the water.  
The third image is from the opposite side of the boat and I lit it with the off camera flash and exposed for the background.  My goal was to ensure the large building was exposed using the ambient light.  
If you are ever in the area of Columbus, I suggest taking the time to walk the city in the evening and at night. 

Have fun capturing the beauty of life!

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