Monday, September 8, 2008

19 North ~ Victory Family Church

This past weekend I had the privilege of shooting some group photos of the leaders for 19 North.
This is one image where everyone was 'clowning around'. I love group shots that display humor and fun! I took this shot from a set of steps that run along side the cafe at Victory Family Church and had a strobe [Nikon SB800] positioned to the right out of sight on a light stand. I set the power output of the strobe [flash] to +2 to obtain as much power as possible to ensure the outside edges of the image received light.
I used my Nikon D200 and the 'flash' setting was commander mode and the off camera strobe was set to remote. Many newer digital cameras have a 'commander' mode setting which allows the use of an off camera flash. This is very useful in many settings. In this setting, by getting the flash off the camera, it enabled me to get the light closer to the subject. I will cover more about off camera flash and diffusers in future blog postings.
The second image was taken earlier in the night during the worship services of 19 North. This service is 'geared' toward the 20 something crowd. I took this shot from the side of the platform using my trusty 50mm f/1.8. This image was shot wide open at f/1.8 and 1/30 second. ISO was 1250 on my Nikon D200.
19 North is a tremendous ministry for the 20 something 'crowd'.

[I wish this existed when I was in my twenties.] Practical Biblical messages are delivered weekly with a special time devoted to Praise and Worship music. The above image was taken during this part of the service. Notice the beautiful singer on the screen in the upper right [my youngest daughter] and outside the view of the image you will see her husband [my son in law - marine].

Later in the month [September 19, 2008], Victory Family Church and 19 North are hosting the first ever 20 something presentation from The Silver Ring Thing. This should prove to be an exciting event! I attended multiple SRT events geared toward the teens and they are always outstanding! I am positive the debut 20 something message will be just as great! Check out either the 19 North site or The Silver Ring Thing site for more details. Watch this blog for images from this eventful night!

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