Monday, August 18, 2008

Wow! What a weekend!

I had an tremendous weekend of shooting. It started Friday afternoon with an amazing time with the Silver Ring Thing Tour Team photo shoot. [Try to say Silver Ring Thing Tour Team fast :-0 ]
Please see Saturday's post for a few of the images.

Saturday morning and afternoon was spent photographing the Victory Family Church golf outing at Fox Run in Beaver Falls, PA. The weather was great and two other event photographer volunteers came out to shoot the event and I cannot wait to see everyone's images. Thanks Angela and Lisa for all the help and support! The proceeds from the golf outing [scramble] go to supporting the Parenting by One ministry at Victory Family Church. Images of this event will be posted later in the week.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning I had the privilege and honor of shooting the baby dedications at VFC.

Baby dedications are where the child is dedicated to the Lord by the parents (parent in a single p
arent family) according to Bible. There are too many passages surrounding baby dedications to list them here but my favorite 'story' from the Old Testament illustrating baby dedications can be found in I Samuel 1:24-28 when Hannah, the mother of Samuel dedicated her son to the Lord in this story.

The weekend finished with a fun weekend shooting images of Rachel and Mike at Cranberry Park. Wow! The weekend was a photographers dream The Lord provided a beautiful weekend and every subject was so special to shoot.

I had a great time with Rachel and Mike and I will have more of their images posted later in the week too. The image to the right is a combination of a graduated blend between a color and black and white image.

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