Thursday, August 7, 2008

Steelers Training Camp 2008 in Latrobe, PA

I was invited by a friend to shoot from the field during the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp. First, it was a blast! Any chance I can get to shoot I jump on due to my love of the art! Second, I give sports shooters credit for what is required of them to shoot sports. Even with my Nikon 70-300vr combined with my D200, obtaining 'great' images were very challenging. The second major challenge is to anticipate where the action will be next. The quaterback drops back to throw, I watch his eys, he is looking left, I look left, he throws right... Ugh! I missed a great shot. It is not the same as a wedding or other event. Maybe it is due to experience but the action appears to be more predictable to follow. :-)

In the first photo I was very close to where the kickers were practicing and obtaining a usable photo was possible.

As always I shot this in RAW and converted in Lightroom 2.0 to a B&W image with a white vignette to create a different look. This picture is of Jeff Reed [3].

The second photo is of Willie Parker, star running back for the Steelers. This too was taken in RAW and converted in Lightroom 2.0 to a B&W using different techniques. One noticeable difference is the darker darks and the dark vignette rather than the light vignette along the sides.

More 'artistic' images from the Steelers training camp are available on my site

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Angela said...

Great shots. Who knew Jeff Reed tying his shoe could be a cool photo?!?! Nice work. I enjoyed looking through the images on your smugmug site.