Sunday, August 10, 2008

San Rocco Days 2008 -Aliquippa, PA

I had the opportunity to shoot the 'crowning' of my beautiful niece as queen of San Rocco Days.  This image was shot at f/4.8 and 1/500 sec @ ISO 400 & 200 mm [Nikkor 70-300vr].  I converted the first image to a black and white in Lightroom 2.0.  Both images had their respective frames added in CS2. 
Today's tip: Getting the blurred out background.
Many folks ask; 'how do you get the background blurred out'?  In this case it is a result of the combination of focal length [200 mm] the aperture [f/4.8] and the distance I was from my niece.  

If you have a telephoto lens try this experiment.  Zoom to 200 - 300 mm, open the aperture as wide open as you can go.  In most cases the aperture will be in the 4.5-5.6 or in some cases 6.3.  Then zoom in on your subject and walk to your subject and away from your subject [changing the distance between you and your subject] and notice how the background begins to change.  The depth of field is changing which is changing the area in focus [in front of your subject and behind your subject].  If you want to study more on the subject, goto Online DOF calculator. The site is a tremendous resource in learning about this amazing subject.  
The third image was taken at the Steelers training camp and if you notice the background is 'blurred' out in this image also.  The combination of my distance from the subject [which was not too far, maybe 20 feet], the focal length [240 mm] and the aperture [f/5.6] created a very nice image with the subject in focus and the background 'blurred out' [Bokeh].  I will discuss more about this subject in future posts but my first suggestion.  Have fun, practice often, and capture the beauty of life!

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