Friday, June 1, 2012

Life - Its all a matter of perspective

Nearly everything in life is all a matter of perspective.

A newborn baby has its bottom slapped by the delivering doctor and the baby cries out to the world - here I am!  

For the mom and dad dreaming of this day, tears of joy flow from their face as they look on their beautiful child.  For the unwed mom who is scared, alone, and not sure what to do, tears of fright and disbelief flow from her face.

 For some, a cool summer day is filled with joy and for others, they complain they cannot believe how cold it is in the summer.  In the middle of a hot 90+ day, some will complain it is too hot while others remember a few months earlier these same folks complained it was too cold.  Life - its all a matter of perspective.  

Some will sit at a softball game and enjoy the time watching their child or grandchild, soaking in the time while others look at their watch (do people wear watches) and think of all the things they missed doing while sitting at the game.

Some will listen to the birds and see them fly around while others complain about the bird 'poop' on their lawn furniture.  

Some will complain about the traffic to work and others enjoy it because it gives them time to think, listen to audio books, or enjoy time.

Some will complain about their old car (that runs) while others wish they had any car.

Some complain about being in a valley and wish they were on top of the mountain while others realize that the nutrients roll down hill into the valley and the valley provides the greatest opportunity for growth.

Some complain they cannot get their favorite beverage while others wish they could get fresh water.

Life is a matter of perspective.

There is an old story of a man who visited a psychiatrist stating he was a corpse.  Regardless of what the psychiatrist stated or asked the man kept stating he was a corpse.  The psychiatrist asked him this question:
Do corpses bleed?

The man stated emphatically, NO!  Our blood is drained before we are embalmed.  We don’t have blood!

The psychiatrist opened his middle drawer on his wooden desk slowly and searched around through a pile of paper clips and other items until he found a nice silver safety pin.  After releasing the clip on the pin he reached out and grabbed the man’s left hand and with a quick jab stabbed the man’s pointer finger.  Out of the jab flowed crimson colored blood and slowly poured over the edges of the man’s finger.  The man gasped with horror and grabbed his wounded finger with his right hand.  The psychiatrist felt bad at first because of the look on the man’s face and the sounds he made.

The man began to state over and over again, “I was wrong! I was wrong!  I cannot believe it but I was wrong!”
The psychiatrist sat back in his high back leather chair with a smug look on his face thinking, “I convinced him that he is not a corpse!”

The man cried out in horror, “I was wrong, corpses do bleed!”

The next sound heard is the psychiatrists’ head pounding off his desk blotter.

Life - 
Its all a matter of perspective –

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