Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wedding Album - Pittsburgh Wedding Photography The First Heirloom of this new family.

Wedding Albums - They are one item that I recommend to every couple.  Years after their wedding day they can show their children, grandchildren, and any one else who wants to laugh and cry with them as they remember their special day.

When I create an album, I create it in a story telling manner.  Maybe it is from reading comic books when I was a kid and like the storyboard format.  Maybe because I want to show details from the wedding.  I am not sure but this layout style is my favorite.  This album is in a 10x10 format and will be printed with a UV coating over the pictures to help preserve their memories.

A wedding album is the first heirloom of this new family.  If they are like many families, they will take pictures, cut out articles and begin to document their families life as it builds and unfolds.

Enjoy a quick stroll through the pages of this couple's first heirloom.

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