Friday, June 3, 2011

Morning Mist - Buttermilk Falls High School Senior Portrait - Black Hawk High School

Morning Mist - Buttermilk Falls - High School Portrait
One of my favorite places to photograph portraits is Buttermilk Falls.  It is located very close to Beaver Falls and is one of the nicest places to photograph a water fall in the area (that I know).  However, the falls is not limited to fast moving water and beautiful trees and rocks.  At the top of the falls is a beautiful white church and off to the side and before the railroad tracks is this open field.  On this particular day the grass was very high and moved ever so gently in the morning breeze.  The sun was playing hide and seek behind the overcast skies but it created a beautiful glow on the grass and Lexi.  Lexi, a class of 2012 senior was wearing a very simple but nice summer dress on and it seemed to fit perfectly in this setting.  These are the type of images that I believe would make a beautiful large canvas print.  The soft colors and textures are enhanced by the subtle beauty of a canvas print.

Another option for this type of image is a greeting card and could be used for various themes.  Maybe a general thinking of you card or a get well card.  The simple but peaceful setting creates an almost endless list of possibilities.

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