Monday, March 28, 2011

Riverside California - Travel Photography

Lines and shapes in Photography
This is another image taken while walking along the beautiful streets of Riverside, California.

Although I mentioned this before, I could spend weeks if not years, photographing the amazing detail in this town.  One item that I covet is to be able to walk the streets of a beautiful town (without freezing) in March.  In Pittsburgh, we have our days but anything in the fifties is a tremendous blessing during March.  On the day that I photographed this beautiful town, the weather was nearly perfect.  Mid 70's with a beautiful sky and sun.  During the mid day, I am sure the sun was too bright for photographs but that is the case with most areas when the sun is shining.

I can imagine talking to some of the building owners and asking permission to photograph other buildings from their upper floors or even roof top.

Within the frame
This second image was inspired from the book Within the Frame.
It is not a technical book and I am very glad for that fact.  IMHO, it is a must buy for any photographer. Regardless of your skill level this is one of the best books on the art of photography.  David has other books including a collection of ebooks that are amazing too.

Too often we wait until someone leaves the scene to frame it but one lesson within the book is to wait for someone to be in the scene (for various reasons).

Regardless where you live or work, there are many great photography opportunities.  Go out with a plan, go out with no plan.  Either way, get out and photograph the beauty of life!

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