Friday, February 18, 2011

Buttermilk Falls - Beaver Falls PA Is it took cold for High School Portraits

Buttermilk Falls - Beaver Falls PA High School Portraits
Is it too cold for great portraits?

Water falls frozen over
Continuing with the theme of discussing one of my favorite places to photograph portraits(Buttermilk Falls); I figured we would discuss the topic of outdoor portraits in the winter.

Allison wanted a different look than most other high school seniors.  She wanted a winter look and we waited until we received weeks of very cold weather covered with snow.

The first shot is at the base of the falls after many weeks of sub freezing temps and multiple snow falls.  I wanted a very unique look and used the frozen falls to help frame Allison.  

Buttermilk Falls Winter
In the second picture, Allison is under the falls and normally this is a tough shot to get because the water would be splashing the subject.  However, in this case, since the main part of the falls was frozen, this shot was a 'breeze'.  

In both shots, I utilized an SB800 on a light pole (camera left) with no difuser.

Glowing frozen water falls
In the third shot, the lighting was the same but I utilized a wide angle lens and got very close to the rocks creating an illusion of size.

The light created a beautiful glow on Allison creating one of my favorite 'environmental' shots from the day.

Although I have shot portraits at Buttermilk Falls for many years, I never grow bored of the unique looks possible.  Thus far, I have shown looks up to and around the base of the falls.  There are railroad tracks that run above the actual falls and a beat up utility shed that creates an amazing look.  

There is no doubt in my mind that there are hundreds of other 'hidden' gems within a ten - twenty mile radius of my home.  I constantly look for these gem locations and attempt to learn everything I can about them in an effort to create unique and creative portraits.

Buttermilk Falls is located in Beaver County along route 18 and near PA turnpike.
Beaver County High School Senior Portraits by dr Frank

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