Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fun Tasty Mango Smoothie

Another fun summer recipe that is easy and fast to make.

2 Champagne mangos - pealed and cut
1-2 strips of pineaple
2-4 apricots
1 cup almond milk or coconut water
1-2 cups ice
additional if needed for extra sweet
1 banana
Agave syrup or Stevia

You can use precut mango and pineapples to save time and aggravation.  Use enough almond milk or coconut water to make the smoothie as thick or thin as you enjoy your summer treat.  I like mine thicker but others enjoy a 'thin' smooth treat.  I like lots of ice to enhance the flavor and usually when I make mine, it borders on a sorbet looking and tasting desert.  I find that champagne mangos are better tasting but if you cannot find them, regular mangos are excellent too. 

Put them in order in your Vita-Mix or Blentec and this will make a tremendous summer drink.  Pour this mix into Popsicle holders or something similar for a quick treat. 

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