Monday, April 19, 2010

Workshops - Sandy Puc' Family Tour 2010

If you follow this blog, you realize that I am big on learning, studying and trying new items in all aspects of life.  Each year, I attend and watch (on DVD, webinars, etc) many hours of lectures and workshops.  Not only do I study countless hours on photography but many different aspects of life.  Over the weekend, I attended the "Sandy Puc' Family Tour 2010".   If you are a fan of Sandy Puc, you realize she puts on an amazing workshop and provides tremendous information to her audience.  I have two of her previous workshops on DVD and each workshop is tremendous and is well worth the money spent.  

Her workshops are filled with her passion and love for photography but more important they display her love for helping others.  Obviously, in her training other photographers but also in her desire to give back to life through her charitable work.  Many individuals in the photography world and in all walks of life are passionate about charity and community/church service.  However, the one item I noted about Sandy is that she doesn’t stop with one charitable effort.  She works with and supports many different charities and community efforts with her photography and marketing skills.  In addition, each effort she puts her hand to is blessed with tremendous results. 

She has an amazing ability to clearly state the techniques needed to create great looking images in many different types of situations.  One of the first items that I noticed is her transparency.  She is not afraid to show the audience her mistakes and she gives the attendees a peak into her personal life as well.  She tells the story about her trip with her daughter and son to China to photographer her daughter's senior portraits.  However, on the flight over to China they were exposed to a passenger with H1N1 and they ended up quarantined for days in a disgusting room.  The story is filled with graphic details of undesirable living conditions but it ends with images she took of her daughter while they spent time together talking and growing closer together.  (Yes, as a parent this is a very touching story.  :-D )

Below is a short You Tube video about the 'ordeal'. 
- - -

Her workshops are filled with both funny and other heart touching stories.  One minute laughter fills the audience and the next tears of compassion as she tells the story of how “Now I lay me down to sleep” began.

Her workshops cover many aspects of photography, lighting, posing, marketing, but the most important, passion and love for others.  If you didn’t attend any workshop on this tour, you can purchase previous workshops on DVD and other training seminars through her site.  She is also on You Tube and plans another tour in 2011.  It will be a wedding photography tour with Jerry Ghionis.  No doubt this will be a tremendous workshop.  (I plan to attend.)

I learned many different tips, tricks, and techniques during the workshop.  My notebook was filled with ideas that flowed from her which triggered other ideas in my mind.  One of the most important items conveyed during the workshop is the fact that what we do as photographers, is important.  We are capturing history, and the history we capture is very important and critical. There are many tremendous quotes illustrated throughout the workshop but one that sticks in my mind is, "Other things may change us, but we start and end with family." Anthony Brandt  

Which is one reason family portraits are a valuable service provided by photography. 

I will end with an excerpt from the workbook:

Remember, it's a privilege -

Regardless of how the family you shoot looks, acts, or sounds, remember it is a privilege to be chosen to capture their image..." Sandy Puc

Image by Frank Kendralla
Wedding and portrait photographer