Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fast fun shot at twilight in Orlando Florida

When traveling, I like to take a walk and relax from the days events at twilight (when the weather permits).  There are times when the sky is beautiful and if you are in an area with plenty of man made lights, you can get some fun shots.

This place was all lit up and was filled with vacationers playing in the cool evening breeze.  While I was walking and enjoying the evening, I was able to grab a few fun shots between moments where the sky was spitting at anyone who decided to take a walk.  One minute the rain would be hard and the next, nothing. 

Travelers were hurrying from place to place.  No doubt some were avoiding the rain while others were attempting to relax in the very enjoyable evening breeze.  Considering even with the breeze, the temps were close to 70, this felt very warm for a 'northerner'.   (The temps were in the 40's when I left for the airport earlier in the day.)

Although this was taken in the evening at twilight, with all the man made lights showing (first image), it appeared as if it was during the day.  I adjusted the images using Topaz Adjust, Lightroom, and Photoshop. 

The second shot is a very fast 'grab' shot.  I was walking away from this and turned back to avoid the blowing rain.  Immediately, I thought, I must get this shot somehow.  I shot this with one hand since my other hand was busy attempting to shield the camera from the rain with my scottevest. 

On both shots, I used manual exposure and exposed between the sky and buildings since there were so many different light sources.  I didn't want to overexpose the lights in the buildings but I wanted to capture the beauty of the sky.

Shot in Orlando, FloridaNikon D300, Tamron 17-50 f/2.8

Frank Kendralla
Wedding and Portrait photographer


Katherine said...

What awesome photos Dr Frank! Love em!

Angela said...

Very nice captures and processing!