Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Economy village - Ambridge PA with the kids

We took the grand kids to visit Old Economy Village in Ambridge, PA and had a great time. It is a historical landmark dating back to the 1800's. Please visit their site for detailed information. Historically, it is filled with tremendous information and the guide was very knowledgeable. There were a few other guests that toured with us. The tour started with a brief video about the Village and the history of the Harmony Society. After the video, a tour guide dressed in similar clothes that were worn by the women of the Harmony Society takes you back in time and discusses each room/building and its historical significance.

Our guide explained many fun and insightful facts about the Harmony Society. Since we had our grand children with us, many of the questions were directed toward them. No doubt, this made the tour entertaining and enjoyable for the kids.

Photographically, it is filled with a gold mine of photo opportunities. Although the look is much different than some of my recent post and travels, it is no less exciting and colorful. The village is located within thirty minutes of our home and is another example of great photo opportunities close to home.

The gardens within the beautiful buildings and landscaping are available for weddings and other portrait sessions. I can image the look similar to weddings seen in the many wedding magazines. I wonder how many wedding coordinators and brides 'to be' know of this beautiful opportunity. This is another example of a beautiful place within Beaver County, PA and very close to Pittsburgh, PA which is a beautiful setting for an outdoor wedding. In addition, how many wedding and portrait photographers realize this beautiful facility is available for weddings and portrait sessions.

As I walked through the buildings and down the streets and heard school kids playing, I wondered if the founders of this beautiful historical landmark ever thought children would play in the area. (The society practiced a vow of celibacy. Men and women married but never having children or enjoying them.)

Images by Frank Kendralla
Wedding and Portrait Photographer

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