Friday, March 5, 2010

Photograph what you love – wedding photography part one

Photograph what you love – wedding photography
Part 1

Photo by
Frank Kendralla

There is an old saying within the photography world, shoot what you love to show your maximum creativity and passion.

I love weddings and I love photographing weddings. Over the next few posts, I will share a few reasons why I love them and what stirred up this emotional passion.

First, during a wedding the photographer gets to shoot all types of photography. At any one time during the wedding, I can be an event photographer, outdoor photographer, nature photographer, food photographer, architectural, or portrait photographer. Both formal and environmental portraits are shot during a wedding. With all the action-taking place, some state that a wedding is like a sporting event.

Portraits of children are taken during the wedding (ring bearer, flower girl, junior bridesmaids, etc). Portraits of grandma with all the grandchildren and nana with her first grandchild always move me emotionally. When I see the little girls running around with flowers and bows in their hair with beautiful dresses, I think back to when my girls were little and all dressed up. It brings tears to my eyes (even as I type this paragraph) remembering their laughter and carefree attitudes. With little babies in the arms of grandma, bring back memories of when my mom held her first great grandchild (my granddaughter) for the first time and how precious the image will always remain in my mind. Watching the ring bearer run up to his uncle (the groom) and jumps into his arms, reminds me when my grandson did the same to my son in law. Capturing special moments are a great joy for me as a photographer.

Shooting pictures of fancy cakes and cookies are a challenge but very fun and worth all the efforts. Cakes come in all shapes and sizes. From cupcakes that form a huge tree to cakes shaped like a softball. It is my job as the photographer to capture each cake’s uniqueness for the bride and groom to remember. Some cakes are shiny and others full of color and shape. During the cake cutting, some time there are food fights and other times the exchange is very simple.

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