Saturday, February 6, 2010

Picking a date and time for your Wedding

Picking a date and time for your wedding is very challenging.  We will start with the date; do you want a spring wedding?  Is there a special day that you want to remember?  I know of one bride that selected the exact date when they started dating for their wedding.  Others will select dates that match the year.  In 2010, the month of October (10) is popular since it is in the month.  10.2.10 appears to be a busy date for weddings.  10.10.10 is another busy date.  After you select the date, the time is another critical factor.

If you select a Friday date, then the ceremony is usually later in the day to ensure the guests have time to arrive without missing work or time to travel.  However, if it is a Friday in the late fall or winter then there are other challenges to face concerning pictures and travel.  In the north east, a sunset becomes more of a challenge due to shorter days.  Therefore, outdoor pictures might need to take place prior to the ceremony or the day after.   If outdoor pictures are not important or available then creative shots within the venue are necessary. 

Therefore, if the wedding is in the late fall or winter and late in the day, search out venues that have areas that can make creative shots.  Another item to consider is the distance between the ceremony and the reception.   Some weddings occur mid-day on Saturday.  Rather than the reception ending late in the night, it ends late in the afternoon providing time for after the reception images.   

Regardless of all these factors, the date and time you choose is up to you since the date will remain special to you.   For me, Feb. 14, is a very special date.  It is the date we were engaged and later that same year, Oct 14; (nearly 32 years ago) we married. 

Have fun picking the date, make it special and enjoy your day!

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