Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift - The Movie
If you want to watch a movie that teaches a great 'life' lesson then the movie "The Ultimate Gift" is for you.  

The movie teaches a story of the many gifts offered through life's lessons and the importance of each 'gift'.  This is a movie you can watch with the entire family and explain the lessons taught to 'kids' in the house.  I am not sure if it is available at Blockbuster or Hollywood video.  We 'rent' our movies from Netflix and continue to find 'wholesome' movies that we could not find at the local video rental stores. 

The movie is based upon the book with the same title by Jim Stovall.  Jason Stevens, a trust fund baby is presented with multiple 'gifts' before he will receive an inheritance by his wealthy grandfather, Red Stevens.  In my opinion, it is one of those movies that can be watched over and over again.

Please watch the video insert below for a few scenes from the movie.

I took this image of a butterfly last year while on a business trip to south Florida.  It was taken with my 50mm f/1.8 set to f/16, 1/60 sec, ISO 400.  I 'solarized' it in Lightroom 1.x. to bring out the shapes and lines in the image.
Snow is fast approaching and I am sure many great photo opportunities!

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