Sunday, October 19, 2008

Seth Godin's new book <$1 on iTunes

I have not read Seth Godin's newest book "Tribes" but I downloaded it from iTunes for less than $1 and will listen during my travels this week. Every other book I listened to from him were filled with tremendous information. I figure for the same price of a 'typical' song on iTunes it is almost impossible to go wrong.

He has had multiple 'best sellers' and his insight into marketing and business is incredible. Once I finish the book, I will post a summary review. However, I wanted to let you know this book is available from iTunes for the price of a song. [Not the price of any of my songs. My songs are described as priceless, invaluable, and without cost. {I cannot sing :-} }. In fact, the CD of my best singing is available for $1 too. It is empty.

I took this image last year in our back yard and I called it squirrel olympics. This guy did everything possible to get to the bird feed. The only post processing done was to add the frame.

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